Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hope everyone had a good Christmas! Ours didn't start out too great.. J was able to call me around 12 AM Christmas morning and I made the mistake of asking about the extension. He didn't want to tell me because he knew it would ruin my Christmas, but he received the official word the day before. So, I can now tell you that he is definitely being extended two more months. We are trying our best to stay positive in the midst of this disappointment, but it's not easy.

After opening all my Christmas presents I couldn't help but laugh a little.. I received a bunch of spa type things to help me relax, and even a gift certificate for a massage. Someone obviously knew I would be needing those things to help me deal with this disappointing news. Some may say it was just a coincidence, but in my heart I know better.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

"I bring you the most joyful news ever announced, and it is for everyone!
The Savioryes, the Messiah, the Lordhas been born tonight in Bethlehem!" (Luke 2:10-11)

Merry Christmas!

* Christmas 2007 *
Our first Christmas actually together because the year before he was in Iraq..
We were also weeks away from becoming husband & wife!

* Christmas 2008 *
Our first Christmas as a married couple!

* Christmas 2009 *
The tree is up, and all the gifts are wrapped..
The only thing missing is him by my side..

My Christmas Wish for You…. that you will have a warm, cozy, and joyful Christmas day with the ones you love! May the love of Christ fill your hearts and homes... May your New Year be filled with peace and good health. Hope you have a VERY Merry Christmas!

[Ignorant] Things People Say -- Part 1

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Well you don't have to worry because he is just a Seabee so he won't be in harms way."

REALLY? I guess the fact that he is in a WAR ZONE and having to carry a gun around 24/7 is not a big deal since he is JUST a Seabee. Get real people! A war zone is a war zone, and there is always a chance that something bad could happen even if they never leave the "safety" of the base.

"I know being separated from your husband by war has to suck, but look at it this way at least you have someone to spend time with when he comes home--unlike some people." {She was referring to single people, like herself.}

Actually you don't know. You have no idea what it's like to watch your husband walk away, never knowing if the kiss you just shared will be the last. You have no idea what it's like to be terrified each time the doorbell rings. You have no idea what it's like to hear gun fire and bombs going off half way through a 15 minute phone with your husband.. while he keeps talking, completely ignoring your worried concern so you don't freak out. You have no idea what it's like to lose sleep [wondering if he is alive] because you haven't heard from him in weeks. All those things have taught me to never take the time I get to spend with him for granted. I will be VERY thankful when he comes home to me. But do me a favor and don't pretend to know what we go through.. If you had a spend a day in my shoes you would realize that is far more than just "sucks." Oh, and maybe you wouldn't be single if you signed off MS and FB every once in a while and actually became social (you know, that thing you use to do before social networking on the Internet took over) with people face to face.

The Perfect Military Spouse Care Package

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today's topic: "After all of the packages you’ve packed for your husband, wouldn’t it be nice if someone mailed you a care package? What would be in it? Today we’re asking you to write about your dream care package you would love to receive in the mail for yourself – no expense spared, but it has to fit in a flat rate box. (Sorry, you can’t fit your husband in a flat rate box! )"

  • A phone number to a good handy man that will always be willing to help me when the evil deployment gremlins strike! {Everything seems to break when you're husband leaves.. ask any mil spouse!}
  • A card with a few encouraging words written on it
  • Bubble bath, a bath pillow, and aromatherapy candles to help me relax
  • Comedy movies to help me laugh on the days when I'm having the deployment blues
  • Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate!
  • A gift card to a spa for a day of pampering
  • Nail polish
  • Comfy pajamas
  • A journal
  • Tickets to a fun event
  • A gift card to Marble Slab

What I Want for Christmas This Year

Sunday, December 20, 2009

a Kate Spade handbag, a new CHI flat iron, Gilles Marini's 2010 calendar, Starfish necklace from Stella & Dot, tennis racquets, board games, Circle E Candles, pajamas, nail polish, iRobot Roomba Vacuum Robot, a gift certificate to a luxurious spa, John Mayer's new CD, a fancy new camera....

..All those things would be nice, but what I really want need is a Christmas (and New Year!) filled with PEACE and JOY. GOOD HEALTH would be a big + too!

Tired of Being Alone

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I didn't participate in the blog carnival yesterday because I was having one of "those" days. I doubt I will participate in it today either. Sorry to those of you that are following along with it.. I'm planning to join back in on the fun tomorrow though.

I have a ton of stuff I should be doing right now but instead I'm sitting here on the couch in my pajamas.. listening to some tunes from John M@yer (his new CD is at the top of my Christmas list), and wishing I had white chocolate + almond ice cream. It's my cure for the blues I suppose. Today it's not working as well as it usually does though... Maybe it's just PMS, but all I feel like doing is crying. It's making me feel weak. I hate that. I hate how deployment (and PMS.. ha) makes me feel crazy--one day I'm fine/feeling stronger than ever and then the next day I'm a huge mess.

Oh, and the stress of a possible extension and our upcoming PCS is not helping my mood much either. I went to an FRG meeting/holiday party at the beginning of the week and a chief talked to us about the extension. He couldn't give us many details but he told us they are preparing just in case it gets approved and we should do the same. They are hoping to have an official yes or no sometime next week. I thought I was handling it well until I went to that meeting. It became real to me I guess. =\

Have I ever mentioned that I stress way too much?? I guess it's obvious huh? J is constantly telling me to just relax because everything will work out in the end.. even if it doesn't happen [perfectly] the way I want, we will manage/survive.. we always do. He has a point, but usually when someone tells me not to stress I just stress more! haha

Okay, I feel better since I was able to vent. Sorry if this blog was all over the place though! It's now time for me to pick myself up and get going.. I'm still not finished with my Christmas shopping! Eeek!

* P.S. -- If you're looking for a great new blog to read, check out Semper Fi: Life of a USMC Girlfriend! I've really enjoyed reading her posts. Sometimes I feel like I'm reading my own journal because I can relate to so much that she shares.

All You Need

Thursday, December 17, 2009

This made my day, and I hope it does the same for you!! ;)

[On December 7th, 2009 at 1:30pm GMT Starbucks invited musicians from all over the world to sing together at the same time to raise awareness for AIDS in Africa. In that one breathtaking moment, musicians from 156 countries played "All You Need is Love" together. Watch now, as musicians from all around the world come together and share a song.]

My Funniest Christmas Memory

When I was growing up every year on Christmas Eve my mom's side of the family would get together and exchange gifts. One year (when I was 12 or 13) we had the party at my aunt's house, and everyone thought it would be fun to watch old home videos from our past Christmases. It was hilarious seeing everyone dressed in their best late 80's & early 90's outfits--mullets and crazy perms included. The best video of the night though involved a few of my older cousins dancing and singing to Milli Vanilli's "Girl You Know It's True," and a 3 or 4 year old Karren (me) sitting on the couch watching them & picking her nose! My uncle recorded the video and he would slowly move away from the boys dancing so I wouldn't notice that he was catching me dig for gold... but when I did notice that he was looking I would freeze up and slowly move my eyes towards him to see if he was still looking at me. It was too funny!! I of course was embarrassed for a minute but it had everyone rolling on the floor from laughing so hard!

*For other funny Christmas memories, visit Wives of Faith.

You Might Be a Military Spouse at Christmas Time If You….

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

  • have a yellow ribbon on your front door instead of a Christmas wreath.
  • plan on keeping your tree up 2 months after Christmas just so you can celebrate with your husband when he returns home.
  • skip holiday parties so you don't have to explain to people why your husband isn't there.
  • drive around town looking at Christmas lights and cry the whole time because you wish your husband was there with you.
  • have to fight the urge to cry every time you are in a store that is playing sad Christmas music (i.e., "Blue Christmas" "I'll Be Home For Christmas" "All I Want For Christmas is You")
  • sit & stare at the beautiful tree in your living room and feel selfish because your husband is in a war zone with only a tiny, cheap fiber optic tree that you mailed him.
  • think getting a 15 minute phone call from your husband is better than any gift under the tree.
  • promise your husband that you won't check the bank statements to see where he ordered your present. ;)

*For more “You Might Be a Military Spouse” thoughts, go here.

The Best Christmas Present I Ever Received

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

..was a phone call from my handsome Seabee while he was deployed to Iraq during our first Christmas together as a couple. :) He also got me a laptop and a [hot pink] iPod that year.. but hearing his voice was better than any present under a tree!

*To read about other gifts, go here

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm skipping the blog carnival today. Today's topic is The Best Christmas Present I Ever Gave and I've been having a hard time deciding what to write for it. I love to give presents to everyone & their momma (ha..) but how am I suppose to know which present was the best? Today's topic just seems weird to me. I will join in again tomorrow though!

P.S. -- Can you believe Christmas is NEXT WEEK???

My Favorite Christmas Recipe

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today's topic for the Wives of Faith TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS BLOG CARNIVAL is My Favorite Christmas Recipe.

I rarely ever cook, but when I do I like meals that are quick and easy. The recipe I'm going to share is super easy, and it always a hit at holiday parties!

Sausage Rotel Dip


1 package Jimmy Dean Sausage

1 package (16 ounce) cream cheese

1 can Rotel, with liquid drained out

1. Brown sausage in skillet; drain excess grease.
2. Add cream cheese and cook over medium heat until melted.
3. Add Rotel and mix well.
4. Serve warm with chips or french bread.

Good News, Bad News

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Good News: J will be able to transfer in 2010.

At the beginning of the week J looked at his orders only to realize they said he was suppose to transfer in 2011 instead of 2010 like we thought. He has already been extended in the battalion longer than he is technically "suppose" to so he knew there had to be a mistake. Turns out it was just a typo! It was a huge relief because otherwise he would have to deploy again!

Bad News: Deployment might be extended.

J called this morning and freaked me out.. The first thing he said was "I need you to be strong for me ok." My first thought was something bad happened to him. Thankfully it wasn't anything too serious, but it's still nothing I wanted to hear. He received a warning order that deployment may be extended a couple months. He called me as soon as he found out because he didn't want me to read about it on the Internet. (I guess the rumors were posted all over FB and a bunch of wives unfortunately had to find out that way.) He was expecting me to be super upset.. and honestly I'm still surprised I didn't flip out.. but I just had a peace in that moment that I cannot & probably will never be able to explain. I do know where the peace is coming from though, and I'm so thankful for it Him! I guess it's just proof that God has definitely been doing a work in my heart lately.. because I won't lie, normally I would be very upset and I might even say a few mean things to my husband. (Hey, I never said I was perfect!) Yes it sucks that I will have to wait a few more months, but getting upset & crying about it won't change anything. All I can do is put my big girl panties on and deal with it.

Good News: J was able to choose his next duty station.

It's not official until he gets the orders in his hand, but so far it's pretty much a sealed deal.

Bad News: Moving away from home to be with your husband sometimes makes you the bad guy with your family & friends.

We will be moving very far away this summer. I'm nervous but excited. I will have to get on a airplane for the very first time, and I'm not too excited about it! To make it worse, when I told the one person that I needed to encourage me and be excited with me, I got a cold shoulder + a "well, it's been nice knowing ya." It hurt more than words could ever say. I couldn't believe the one person that is always preaching about submitting to your husbands was actually making me feel selfish for it!

* Mil wives -- how did you deal with your first big move? How did your family and friends react when you told them you were going to be very far away? Did you have friends try to make you feel like crap for being excited to move away with your husband? Did they list all the bad qualities about where you would be moving? If so, what was your response?

My Favorite Christmas Song

{I'm participating in the Wives of Faith TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS BLOG CARNIVAL! It starts today and will last through December 24. It's a great way to meet fellow military wives, and if you participate you have a chance to win some really awesome gifts! So, if you are a military wife and you would like to join in on the fun, go here for more info.}

I love Christmas music so much that I always have a tough time choosing just one favorite! In a previous post I was able to narrow it down to three that I really like.. Well, I've been trying my best to choose just one favorite for this post but I still can't decide which one is better than the other! So I'm going to cheat a little and list three [more] favorites instead of just one. ;) OH! & since this blog carnival is aimed at military wives I thought it would be fun to add only my three favorite deployment Christmas songs.

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey

"Sending You A Little Christmas" by Jim Brickman & Kristy Starling

and "I'll Be Home For Christmas" by Rascal Flatts

[Go here to check out the other military wives that are joining in on today's "Favorite Christmas Song" fun!]

Four Months Down!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

We only have two more months of this horrible deployment to survive!! * Wooo hoooo! * I'm excited and very relieved to finally see the end of this beast in sight. I have to admit though... I'm getting a little nervous about his homecoming. I want things to fall back into place and be exactly how they were before he deployed, but I know it's not always that simple.

. . .

I'm really looking forward to a few big changes that will happen after deployment... One of those changes will be moving to a new duty station! The list of openings should be out soon, so hopefully not too long after that we will know where we will be going! I'm excited about moving somewhere new, but I know I will be hardcore homesick for a while. (I've never been away from my hometown for me than two weeks.) I'm trying to look at it as a blessing though, because he won't have to deploy for three years!! ..and that sounds wonderful to me!!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's our family tradition to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to put the Christmas tree up.. Well, I couldn't wait so I decided to put it up Thanksgiving night. I went into our storage shed and pulled out the tree we used last year. I was so excited and filled with lots of Christmas cheer.... but all my cheerfulness was completely shattered when I put the tree together. It looked horrible. Not the way I remembered it looking last year. (Then again.. last year my husband was home, and silly things like a Christmas tree didn't mean much to me. I was just happy that he wasn't in a war zone.) I put ornaments on it even though it looked worse than Charlie Brown's tree and decided to just deal with it. A few days went by and I couldn't stand looking at it anymore. It made me feel so depressed. Yes, it was that bad y'all! So, I turned into the Grinch and took the tree down.

While in Grinch mode I thought seriously about just skipping Christmas this year...

..until I was in Kmart one night for toilet paper (just keepin' it real, haha) and I saw a beautiful $200 tree on sale. I could buy it for less than 100 dollars, and if I didn't like it after I put it together I could always bring it back. It sounded like a good deal to me! So I bought it, brought it home and listened to my favorite Christmas CD (Casting Crowns Peace On Earth) while putting it together.

Somewhere in the middle of putting ornaments on the tree I zoned out and completely forgot about making the tree look "perfect." I got lost in the music. I was singing praises to my King and that's all that mattered in that moment. I was reminded of the true meaning of Christmas, and that when you strip away all the tinsel and glitter.. God's real truth shines through.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times,
always with the same person” -Mignon McLaughlin

Have I mentioned lately how wonderful and romantic my husband is? No?? Well, he is!! My husband sent me a box of chocolate covered strawberries today.. On the card he wrote "I just thought you would like something as sweet as you are!" ;)

It came at a perfect time too, which completely amazed me! You see, the heat stopped working last night around 7 PM.. this is the third time I've had a problem with the heater. This is a new house so you would think we wouldn't have any problems this soon. & of course last night it just happened to be freezing, and there was also a problem with the housing's answering service so I couldn't get in touch with anyone to fix it. I seriously called for almost two hours, and when I realized I wasn't going to get through I decided to call a few family members. It was basically a waste of time. (If deployment has taught me anything it's that I can't depend on anyone for help--not even family.) I've never felt so alone in my life! It was horrible. I went to bed in crappy mood and woke up feeling even worse. Those yummmmmy strawberries made my whole day much better!! ..even if I was freezing too death while eating them! Ha!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.. but to be honest if I were to blog every single day it would probably just be about me missing my husband. I know y'all don't want to read about that.. and I don't want to come across as whinny, depressed, or weak.. so I avoid posting anything at all.

I did realize the other day that I haven't posted anything about how J is doing over there.. & this seems like a good time to do it since I have nothing better to do I haven't sent his family any updates either. His family reads my blog so I figure this will be the easiest way to update everyone + their momma.

{This is completely off subject but is "everyone & their momma" just a southern expression? My family has always said it--like if we go a store and the parking lot is packed we say "oh my goodness, everyone and their momma is here today!" J thought I was silly when he first heard me say it. haha}

Anyway, J has been doing fine. He hasn't been able to call or email much because the lines have been down alot lately. He only gets one day off to rest (which in my opinion is not enough) and he usually spends that time watching movies or sleeping. He had a good Thanksgiving-if that's even possible over there. A few days before Thanksgiving he attended a free concert where Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band performed. There was also a model there but I can't remember her name. She wasn't too special anyway. Well, according to my husband she wasn't.. but he was probably just telling me that so I wouldn't get jealous. Ha! He said the concert was awesome and definitely boosted the morale. They gave away round-trip plane tickets to a few lucky soldiers to use when they returned home. Unfortunately J didn't get one but it was still very cool of the band to do that. (He took pictures at the show but he hasn't been able to send them to me because the comms are either down or the Internet freezes up.)

Every deployment my husband comes up with something [that in my opinion is crazy] to do.. for instances, alot of the guys have contests to see who can grow the best mustache. {J never wins. Thank ya Jesus!} When he was in Kuwait a bunch of guys shaved their heads.. bald..

He thought it was cool. Me.. not so much.

Well, this deployment he is trying to see how long he can let his hair get before someone says anything to him..
He definitely knows how to make a wife proud. Ha! ;)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Maybe I'm just easily amused but I think this is hilarious!

Create your own ElfYourself

Friend Makin' Monday

It's been a while since I've participated in FMM so I thought I would join in on the fun today and try my best to do it every Monday once again.

1. Favorite websites? (In)Courage , Blissfully Domestic, and Wives of Faith

2. Favorite colors? chocolate brown & aqua blue

3. Facebook? For security reasons I will not be sharing it. Sorry!

4. Favorite Christmas songs? Ohh, this is a tough one because I love soo many! I narrowed it down to three though..

Judy Garland's "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"

"Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" by U2

and "I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day" by Casting Crowns

5. Christmas tree: Real or fake? Well, I currently have a fake tree but I prefer real ones. Growing up my parents would always take me to a tree farm the day after Thanksgiving so that I could choose a tree.. it was our tradition (until they divorced) and I loved it! {To this day the smell of peppermint reminds me of that farm because the office always smelled like peppermints.} I can't wait for Jeremy and I to have babies so I can continue that tradition with them.

6. Hottest celebrity? I'm torn between two--Gilles Marini and Gerard Butler!

7. Favorite restaurant? Chili's. They make the best southwestern eggrolls! And don't get me started on their molten chocolate cake... OMG.. mmmm!!

8. Favorite magazine? Woman's Day

9. Favorite thing to drink around the holidays? Hot chocolate

10. Favorite Christmas movies? The Holiday, Christmas Vacation, and Elf

My Little Monster

Thursday, November 26, 2009

His favorite color has been yellow since he was three years old. He is a pro at playing the air guitar, and he dreams of being a rock star when he grows up. He would also like to be a solider so he can save the world from the bad guys. {He once told his aunt not to cry when he becomes a soldier because he promises to come back safely to her after he kicks the bad guy's butts.} He loves to watch cartoons and sci-fi movies. Macaroni & cheese is his favorite meal. He loves animals and making new friends. His face lights up when he learns something new. He likes to pick on his sisters but will beat up anyone else that does it. His favorite day of the week is Friday because that means he gets to see his favorite aunt. He is my whole world, and today he turns seven!!

Happy Birthday My Little Monster!

Aunt Ree-Ree loves you!

New Moon

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I think I may have fractured a bone in my right foot on Thursday night. =\

{It's embarrassing how it happened!}

I tripped over my laptop power cord. (Have I ever mentioned I'm way too clumsy?) I fell face first on the floor and somehow managed to mess my foot up. My neighbors probably thought I was being murdered because I was crying & screaming so loud! It was verrrry painful...


Being the obsessed devoted Twilight fan that I am, I went to the midnight showing of New Moon instead of going to the ER to make sure I didn't actually break anything! Just for the record though, I bought my tickets in advance and it was nonrefundable so I had to go--even if I was in tons of pain. ;)

I still can't believe I waited 3.5 hours in a theater just to see a movie.. but I did with a swollen and throbbing foot.. and it was soooo worth it!!

And.. okay.. I admit I felt like a dirty old woman for drooling over Jacob! But honestly, can ya blame me???

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank you to all the brave men and women {past and present} who have sacrificed so much to protect our freedom.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Three months ago today we kissed and said "see ya later.."

Three months from now we will kiss..
kiss some more.. {hehehe}
and cry tears of joy because he will finally be home!

I can't wait for that day!
..but of course I will :)
Because he is soooo worth it!!


Fort Hood Shooting

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I was glued to my TV all afternoon. I can't even begin to explain how sick I felt as I heard the reports of what was happening at Fort Hood.. especially when I found out that it was caused by one of our own soldiers...

Suddenly I didn't feel so safe living in a military community...

. . .

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families & friends that lost a loved one at Fort Hood today.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

  • I have nothing interesting going on. No, seriously.. my life is VERY boring right now. This is usually how my day goes: wake up to J calling, talk to him for 15 minutes, force myself to get out of bed, feed Max (the dog), eat breakfast lunch, clean the kitchen, do a load of laundry, make a list of things that I need to get or do out in town, pick up around the house, go to town, come home and have dinner, shower, watch TV until I'm either falling asleep on the couch or Jeremy calls, and then bed. {If I were on a reality TV show it would get terrible ratings because I'm that boring.}
  • Yeah, I know.. I need a hobby!! My only problem is that I have no idea what to try. A lot of military wives become runners while their husbands are deployed.. which is awesome but I never liked running so that is out of the question for me. I would probably die trying anyway. I was thinking of finding a pottery or cake decorating class. Anything artsy-fartsy sounds fun to me.
  • My husband has become a vegetarian... and frankly, it intimidates me!! He keeps asking if I've tried it yet. I haven't. I keep finding excuses to put it off. (My excuse this week is that I've been searching for a good + easy vegetarian cookbook but I'm not having any luck.) He keeps talking about going to the gym and how much weight he has lost... while I'm sitting at home eating tons of fast food and gaining weight!! It's making me super self conscience about my body. =\
  • I have a friend that has been trying to convince me to go to the gym with her but I have two issues with that.. #1, I don't like going to coed gyms.. and #2, I don't want to pay an arm and a leg to workout. I could always take advantage of the gym on base because it's free but it's coed and that just makes me super uncomfortable. I have no idea why, it just does! I was thinking of buying a workout DVD so I can do it in the privacy of my own home.. but I'm worried I will buy the DVD and it will collect dust.
  • I need to learn how to stop making excuses and start doing things!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Forget the knight in shining armor..

I'm lovin' my hero in his dirty BDU's!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Becky at My Life, From {Army} Brat to Wife gave me this blog award:

{Thanks Becky!!}

The rules are that I have to list 5 things that I'm obsessed with and then pass the award on. Soooo.. here we go..

5 Things I'm [currently] Obsessed With:

1. Counting the days til New Moon!! No, I'm not kidding :)

2. Febreze limited edition Cranberries & Frost Fabric Refresher. I bought some a few weeks ago and I have been using it EVERY DAY. It smells that good! I'm planning to stock up on it soon since it's limited edition.

3. Campbell's Select Harvest soups. I'm normally not a big fan of soup, but these are sooo yummy.

4. Imogen Heap. She has an amazing voice. (My favorite songs are "Not Now, But Soon" "Just For Now" and "Come Here Boy")

5. FlashForward. Have you been watching it?? I think it's awesome.

& Now I give this award to...
all of my fabulous followers! :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yesterday there was a helicopter crash.. today there was a roadside bombing..

I've learned not to watch or read the news because it just causes me to fear and stress until I make myself sick. I always know when something bad has happened over there because a family member or someone I normally don't speak to will contact me and the first thing that comes out of their mouth is "have you heard from J recently?" I hate when they do that. I know they mean well, but do they honestly think I can't figure out that something horrible obviously happened and it's posted all over the TV & that's why they are calling?? They try to play it off.. try to talk about a few random things.. usually the weather or how great the Saints are doing (they are 6-0 right now which makes my family VERY happy).. and then the call is over. Sometimes I hang up the phone and think oh, I'm doing fine.. surviving the best I know how.. thanks for asking!

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 For Military Wives

Friday, October 23, 2009

Love is patient during long deployments, demanding training and an erratic schedule.

Love is kind after months of being a single parent with no help with the house, the kids, the finances, the pets, the cars, homework, grocery shopping, sickness, or dirty diapers.

It does not envy the fact that every so often you get to deploy to a place that sounds more like a vacation than work.

It does not boast that I get to eat Mexican food for dinner while you finish yet another MRE.

It is not proud…well, actually it is proud of what you are doing for your country and your family, but never in a self-righteous way.

It is not rude because you aren’t really a phone talker and don’t have much to say during our few phone calls while you are away.

It is not self-seeking as evidenced by the sacrifice I make, along with you, each and every day.

It is not easily angered when you come home late, miss another soccer game, or don’t get back on the date I was told.

It keeps no records of wrongs because we know that our time together is so limited and precious that we can’t waste it on such pettiness.

Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth that through every deployment, every challenge, and every trial God is strengthening our marriage in a way our civilian counterparts can never understand.

It always protects our marriage from steering clear of temptations during separation,

Always trusts that God will bring us back together again,

Always hopes that it will be during our time on earth, but we know it may not be until we reach heaven,

Always perseveres through this military life because we have the strength of our Heavenly Father and an intense love for one another.

Love never fails because it is in it for the long haul, no matter what the cost, no matter where this military journey takes us.

[I did not write this--I found it here. Wives of Faith is a great and very encouraging site for military wives. Check it out!]

Chicken, Pumpkins, & Wild Things.. Oh My!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I was suppose to have surgery at 6 AM.. but.. I chickened out.

I tried not to think about it / tried to force myself to think of the positives, but it did not help. I was beyond freaked out about being put to sleep. I've only been put to sleep once and I had a hard time waking up from the anesthesia (I wasn't waking up when most people would have so they had to give me a drug to wake me up), so of course that added to my nervousness.

Plus, I really wanted J to be there. I think if he had been here I definitely would have done it. He always helps me stay calm. So right now my plan is to have it done some time after he comes home.

On Saturday I took my nephew and niece to a pumpkin patch. I haven't been in years so I was excited - until we got there. It was waaayyy over priced for what they had to offer. On top of that it was freezing & windy so I was constantly having to make sure the kids had their ears covered which made them grumpy with me.

I had to tickle them just so I could get a picture!

They stayed the night and we went to see Where The Wild Things Are the next morning. I always read my nephew the book so he was extremely excited to see the movie.. and to say that he loved it would be a huge understatement! I think it was too cute seeing his reactions to certain parts of the movie that he remembered being in the book. & My niece.. well.. she snored slept through the whole movie as usual! She's just not the type of kid that likes to watch TV/movies yet. She would much rather be putting on makeup, talking on the phone, or shopping. She is 3 but acts 13!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

I've been wanting to get a tattoo for over a year now.. but I wasn't 100% sure about what I wanted to get and I didn't want to choose something in the spur of the moment that I might regret later. I have three things I would like to get, and right now I'm trying to decide which one I want the most.

Tatt idea #1: roman numerals

I was actually going to get this last year while J was deployed to Peru. I wanted I-XII-MMVIII, which is our wedding date. It was going to be a surprise but I ended up spilling the beans. He thought it was a cool idea so he asked me to wait until he came home so he could go with me.. but we never went because we were low on $$ by the time he came home. I still want to get it but now I'm not sure where I want it. I can't decide between my lower back or my wrist.

Tatt idea #2: small heart

Simple but cute!

Tatt idea #3: scroll design thingy? HA! I have no idea what you would call it!

I really like this! I think it's very feminine. I wouldn't mind something similar on my foot (since I always wear flip flops) but maybe not as big. I like this one too...

So what do y'all think?
What kind of tattoos do you have?
Do you regret getting it??

Monday, October 12, 2009

This morning I attended my second FRG event. We filled care packages with baked goods to send to the battalion. The FRG had originally planned for the packages to only be sent to the single 'bees, but apparently a spouse complained that they didn't think it was fair to only send the packages to the singles so the FRG had to change it. I thought it was silly that someone would say it was unfair--I mean, 99.8% of the time the married men and women have someone to send them stuff but the singles don't. And the funny part of the whole situation is that the person who complained didn't even show up! So what was the point??

After volunteering an hour of my time to the FRG I headed to a friend's house to babysit. She thought my boudoir photos were a great idea so I offered to watch her little girl while she had some taken. When I arrived home a few hours later I had a bouquet of beautiful fall flowers + a very sweet note [to calm my fears about my surgery next week] from J waiting for me..

I wonder if he realizes he is starting to spoil me?? ;)

I love him so much. Being a Navy wife can be tough.. and I might hate his job deployment with a passion.. but I feel sooo blessed that he chose ME above all other women to be his wife!

The Little Things

Friday, October 9, 2009

This morning I was able to talk to my husband on FB and he told me they recently received letters from kids in California. In one of the letters a young girl wrote, "I had pizza today. Do you like pizza? Thank you soldier!" It was something so simple, and yet it made his day. He thought it was cool to know there are people out there that still care about them. It had nothing to do with getting a thank you (in fact, he would actually tell you he doesn't deserve it).. it was just the simple fact in knowing that people back home in the USA--the people that they are fighting for--are still thinking about them.

I asked if they were able to write the kids back and he said yes, there was an email address included with the letters. I told him he should definitely write a thank you back... and now that I think about it, I wouldn't mind writing one myself! I want them to know how much we (military families) appreciate them for supporting our loved ones while they are overseas. I know they are just kids, but I want them to know how important and special they are for supporting our troops. I don't want them to think it ever went unnoticed.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

He is married to the Navy..

I'm just the mistress.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's free and super easy! The best part is you create the stations/control what you listen to. I created a station with only my favorite artists (a mix of Rob Thomas, Paramore, Dave Matthews Band, Jeremy Camp, Plumb, & Nicole Nordeman), and I usually have it playing all day while I'm hanging out around the house.

2. Dionis - the goats milk bath & body care company
I'm addicted to their Vanilla Bean and Peppermint Twist lip balm! I buy mine from the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store (am I the only one that goes to Cracker Barrel just to shop?? ha) but the website has great deals. I've never tried the lotions but I can tell ya that they smell yummy.

3. Herbal Serenity Foot Creme My mother-in-law gave me a bottle of this foot creme the last time we were in Ohio, and I LOVE IT. I put it on at night (when I remember) after I take a shower, and then I put socks on... The next morning my feet are super soft! I've tried a million foot cremes and I promise this is the best!!

4. Artemis Woman Heel SmootherI use this BEFORE I use the foot creme. It's great at removing calluses and dry skin on heels.

5. Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
I use it only on my face--before I apply any makeup. I've only been using it 1 month and I've noticed a big difference.. my face is softer and smoother.

6. St. Ives Apricot Scrub I very rarely ever get breakouts since I've been using this! The St. Ives brand smells good, but I found the Equate brand is cheaper and works just the same.

7. Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo + ConditionerMy boudoir photographer told me about this.. she swore by it, and well.. I do too! It smells AMAZING and my hair feels so much healthier since I've been using it.

8. a mesh lingerie bag
You can buy one from Wally World. It protects delicate bras, panties, slips, hosiery and sleep-wear from snags, tangles and tears while machine washing and drying. Seriously, every girl should own one.

New Guilty Pleasure

Monday, October 5, 2009

First of all, I'm excited to announce that my best friend since 7th grade got engaged on Saturday night and she asked ME to be her matron of honor!! She was a big BIG help to me during my wedding planning--actually she was the only bridesmaid that helped at all--so I can't wait to help her! I've already been doing my homework and printing every maid of honor checklist that I can find. hehe..

Now on to my new guilty pleasure...

My friend Alicia (who is also surviving a long distance relationship right now..) & I decided we should treat ourselves to pedicures this evening because we've both been under sooo much stress the past two months. It was the best decision I've made all month. (Well.. besides the wonderful decision to have my tonsils removed in a few weeks.. but we'll talk about that another day!) It was very relaxing--especially when the pedicurist used hot rocks to massage my legs! Ohh, it felt like heaven!! I think I'm going to start making it a monthly treat for myself.. you know, to celebrate surviving each month of deployment. :)

Beautiful Redemption

Friday, October 2, 2009

Coming clean to my husband that I'm struggling with this deployment was the best thing I could have ever done. Since then Jeremy & I have been communicating more and a lot better. I'm not saying everything was fixed over night, but my faith has definitely grown from this. More importantly, I feel like we are growing in faith as a couple--something I've always prayed for.

No one/nothing is perfect.. but I believe God can take a huge mess and make something absolutely beautiful out of it. The hardest part is being vulnerable and admitting that you need His help. (Trust me, I know.)

"And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns." Philippians 1:6 (NIV)

* * *

I love this song. It definitely speaks to my heart right now, so I thought I would share it with all of you!

Music<span class=

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This totally made my day :)

Even Though We're 7,000+ Miles Apart..

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

through God, our love will never fail.

Lover Be Strong

Saturday, September 26, 2009

In order for J and I to get married in the church we chose, we had to attend premartial counseling. The pastor of the church was a woman... I have nothing against women being pastors, but there was just something about this woman that I found very strange. In fact, most of my family that had the pleasure to meet her agreed with me. I felt soooo relieved when everyone agreed that we should search for someone else. Then the stress hit me. We needed to find someone that could give us the required counseling but also be able to relate to us as a military couple... and that wasn't exactly easy. We decided a Navy chaplain was the way we should go.

Around that time J's command had just got a new chaplain. J hunted him down while he was away for FEX and begged asked him to perform the wedding ceremony and counseling. "Chaps" (as we refer to him) said he would get back to Jeremy about it... but he eventually agreed to do. We then decided to have our counseling sessions at his home with his wife present.. so it would be a more relaxed setting for me.

Okay, now let me tell you a little secret -- I wasn't looking forward to the premartial counseling. In fact, I was more than aggravated that we had to do it. I thought we didn't need it. We were in love and that's all that mattered! (Right??) I decided we would go and get it over with, but I WOULD NOT enjoy it one bit. What I saw as a big inconvenience.. turned out to be a huge blessing for us. (Funny how that works huh?) We learned so much from Chaps and his wife. They were able to relate to us on a level that most people couldn't. They knew our worries about being a married military couple because they were going through it too. It was exactly what we needed at that time in our life together.

One thing that I loved about the counseling was that we were able to open up about things we normally wouldn't talk about. For me it was my fear of marriage. Yep, I was terrified of marriage. Growing up I was never shown how a Godly marriage was suppose to be. Instead I saw drugs, alcohol, screaming, walls being punched, women being pushed down, and adultery. I was able to discuss my fears and it helped J open up about his. His parents divorced when he was younger so he was also a little nervous about marriage. (The fact that around that time most of the military couples we knew were getting divorces did not help one bit either!) It was a huge relief to know that I wasn't the only one nervous. Chaps & his wife prayed with us before & after every session, and each time we left I felt like a huge weight was being lifted off my shoulders. All my wounds from the past were healing, and I was finally able to let go of things from my childhood that were holding me back from a beautiful future that God had in store for me.

Chaps & his wife also talked to us about staying connected during deployments. He said that most couples drift apart over the years, and deployments only speed up that process. He said we had to look at our marriage/love like it was a gas tank.. we have to constantly find ways to come back together and fill that tank back up. I've been reminded of that lately...

This deployment is making me feel sooo disconnected from J. I'm grateful that he is able to call me but the 15 min phone calls once a day just aren't cutting it. I don't even know how to explain it other than I feel like we're drifting away from each other.. but it's more like a forced thing.. and we see it happening but there's nothing we can do to make it stop. I've tried to keep it to myself because I know he has enough stress but I realize that won't do us any good. I just don't know what more I can do to help us stay connected.. There's only so much you can say in a 15 minute phone call. & I don't care how great of a marriage you have or how in love you are, drifting apart during a deployment happens.. whether you want it to or not. I just need to know how to make it stop. What can I do??

I was talking to my friend Trena about it the other day and we both agree that it's hilarious how the military says they want to lower the divorce rates. They sure have a funny way of showing it!! I mean, 15 min phone calls - seriously people???! I feel like my husband is in jail most days!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

*UPDATED* {Read update below} I've been under the weather since last Friday. My tonsils are so huge that my neck has been swollen and tender. I went to medical on Tuesday and it was [as usual] a huge waste of time. The doc didn't do anything. Oh.. he did test me for strep but it came back negative. He didn't give me anything to take for it though. I'm not in much pain today but the swelling hasn't gone down much so I'm wondering if I should go back. I've been trying to rest for the past few days but it's not helping much. Any suggestions?? I'm over it and willing to try anything at this point.

I've been in a bitchy grumpy mood lately. It's probably just from me not feeling well, but I've been really frustrated with this deployment lifestyle. It's been 49 days and I miss him more than the day he left... When is it suppose to get easier?

* * *
I went to the E.R. last night. I couldn't take it anymore. The doc gave me antibiotics. He told me to rest as much as I can, drink warm tea, and eat lots of chicken noodle soup. I hope it helps!
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