Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.. but to be honest if I were to blog every single day it would probably just be about me missing my husband. I know y'all don't want to read about that.. and I don't want to come across as whinny, depressed, or weak.. so I avoid posting anything at all.

I did realize the other day that I haven't posted anything about how J is doing over there.. & this seems like a good time to do it since I have nothing better to do I haven't sent his family any updates either. His family reads my blog so I figure this will be the easiest way to update everyone + their momma.

{This is completely off subject but is "everyone & their momma" just a southern expression? My family has always said it--like if we go a store and the parking lot is packed we say "oh my goodness, everyone and their momma is here today!" J thought I was silly when he first heard me say it. haha}

Anyway, J has been doing fine. He hasn't been able to call or email much because the lines have been down alot lately. He only gets one day off to rest (which in my opinion is not enough) and he usually spends that time watching movies or sleeping. He had a good Thanksgiving-if that's even possible over there. A few days before Thanksgiving he attended a free concert where Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band performed. There was also a model there but I can't remember her name. She wasn't too special anyway. Well, according to my husband she wasn't.. but he was probably just telling me that so I wouldn't get jealous. Ha! He said the concert was awesome and definitely boosted the morale. They gave away round-trip plane tickets to a few lucky soldiers to use when they returned home. Unfortunately J didn't get one but it was still very cool of the band to do that. (He took pictures at the show but he hasn't been able to send them to me because the comms are either down or the Internet freezes up.)

Every deployment my husband comes up with something [that in my opinion is crazy] to do.. for instances, alot of the guys have contests to see who can grow the best mustache. {J never wins. Thank ya Jesus!} When he was in Kuwait a bunch of guys shaved their heads.. bald..

He thought it was cool. Me.. not so much.

Well, this deployment he is trying to see how long he can let his hair get before someone says anything to him..
He definitely knows how to make a wife proud. Ha! ;)

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