31 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Monday, June 16, 2014

I had my third ultrasound with the high risk OB. Baby Aiden is still looking healthy and showing no signs of having Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. It was awesome to hear the OB say "baby boy's heart and brain look great, praise God!" He still recommends we continue to with our plan to have genetic testing for Aiden shortly after birth though. Unfortunately, as I have mentioned before, we have to face the reality that the ultrasound could miss something... BUT.. we are praying that Aiden will be TSC-free, and the genetic testing will only give us peace of mind early on.

At my last appointment with my regular OB I was measuring two weeks early. The ultrasound showed that Aiden weighs 04lbs 11oz (which is big for 30 weeks) and looks as though he will be tall just like his daddy and big brother. I am set up to have another ultrasound in seven weeks to check his weight again. Joel was 8lbs 2oz and I had a difficult time delivering him (I was able to do it with assistance but I ended up with tearing and needing stitches) {you can read about his birth story here} so my OB wants to monitor Aiden's weight to make sure he doesn't get too big.

I am thankful this pregnancy has been going so well. The hardest part has been finding time to rest. Resting is not easy when you have a 3 year old. When I try to sit or lay down I usually have to jump right back up because of Joel. By the end of the day I have to crawl into bed because I am so sore. Now that I'm getting closer to the end of pregnancy I'm starting to feel nervous.. not really about labor, but mostly about how I will manage taking care of a newborn and a 3 year old. If you have any tips on how to make it an easy adjustment or how to take care of two without losing all my hair.. please share!!

To Infinity & Beyond!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Joel is a huge Buzz Lightyear fan. Lately, for the past two or three weeks, he asks daily to wear his Buzz [Halloween] costume. If the costume is dirty and/or he isn't able to wear it, a huge meltdown will occur. When he takes the costume off he always says "Joel back!" It cracks me up every time he says it!

It's fun to watch as he is finally starting to use his imagination and trying to be more verbal while playing. When he catches us watching or if we join in, especially when the play involves being Buzz, his whole face lights up.

The other night while watching one of the T0y Story movies (for the millionth time), he started lifting up his foot and saying "Andy." It took me a minute to figure it out, but he was telling me that his foot had the name Andy written on it just like Buzz in the movie.

Anytime he sees a commercial for Di$ney he says "go there!!" and then he starts to talk about seeing Buzz. Hopefully we can take him one day so he can meet his favorite character.  :-)

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