His Little Heart

Friday, December 30, 2011

Joel had an echo of his heart + an ultrasound of his kidneys on the 22nd. We found out today that the ultrasound of his kidneys was normal. His heart, however, has rhabdomyomas (non-cancerous tumors) on it. Definitely not the news we wanted. But the neurologist said from what she could see the tumors didn't appear to be in any of the major parts of the heart which is good news.

So, the next step is for Joel to see a cardiologist.

Also, we finally have an appointment set (in March) to have his eyes checked. Please pray the results for that will be normal!!

(Catching Up) Thanksgiving / A Trip To The South

Friday, December 23, 2011

We spent our Thanksgiving traveling. We took a red-eye flight to the South.. and let me just tell ya.. we will never fly a red-eye ever again. Oh man, it was terrible. Thankfully Joel slept during the long flight, but Jer and I didn't get any sleep. We were beyond exhausted when we finally arrived in Mississippi. The long trip was completely worth it though after I was able to see family that I've missed!

We had a birthday party for my nephew on the first Saturday we were in town. The party was suppose to be a surprise but the stinker figured it out! He had no idea we (Jer, Joel, and I) would be there though, so the look on his face when he walked in and saw us was priceless! He ran over and gave me the biggest hug I've ever had! He kept telling everyone it was the best birthday he has ever had--just because I was there. :)

Other highlights from our trip:
  • finally getting to meet my new nephew, Eli!
  • seeing my baby play in my old room with his cousins
  • taking my nephew & niece bowling
  • taking Joel to the same beach park where we took our engagement pics
  • spending time with a good friend/Joel's godmother
  • getting my nose pierced (thanks to peer pressure from my hubby & mom of all people! haha)
  • watching football games in the "Saints room" at my dad's new house

We had a fun trip, but we definitely missed our own beds. And yes.. we kinda missed WA too.  ;)
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