Chicken, Pumpkins, & Wild Things.. Oh My!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I was suppose to have surgery at 6 AM.. but.. I chickened out.

I tried not to think about it / tried to force myself to think of the positives, but it did not help. I was beyond freaked out about being put to sleep. I've only been put to sleep once and I had a hard time waking up from the anesthesia (I wasn't waking up when most people would have so they had to give me a drug to wake me up), so of course that added to my nervousness.

Plus, I really wanted J to be there. I think if he had been here I definitely would have done it. He always helps me stay calm. So right now my plan is to have it done some time after he comes home.

On Saturday I took my nephew and niece to a pumpkin patch. I haven't been in years so I was excited - until we got there. It was waaayyy over priced for what they had to offer. On top of that it was freezing & windy so I was constantly having to make sure the kids had their ears covered which made them grumpy with me.

I had to tickle them just so I could get a picture!

They stayed the night and we went to see Where The Wild Things Are the next morning. I always read my nephew the book so he was extremely excited to see the movie.. and to say that he loved it would be a huge understatement! I think it was too cute seeing his reactions to certain parts of the movie that he remembered being in the book. & My niece.. well.. she snored slept through the whole movie as usual! She's just not the type of kid that likes to watch TV/movies yet. She would much rather be putting on makeup, talking on the phone, or shopping. She is 3 but acts 13!

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