Monday, October 12, 2009

This morning I attended my second FRG event. We filled care packages with baked goods to send to the battalion. The FRG had originally planned for the packages to only be sent to the single 'bees, but apparently a spouse complained that they didn't think it was fair to only send the packages to the singles so the FRG had to change it. I thought it was silly that someone would say it was unfair--I mean, 99.8% of the time the married men and women have someone to send them stuff but the singles don't. And the funny part of the whole situation is that the person who complained didn't even show up! So what was the point??

After volunteering an hour of my time to the FRG I headed to a friend's house to babysit. She thought my boudoir photos were a great idea so I offered to watch her little girl while she had some taken. When I arrived home a few hours later I had a bouquet of beautiful fall flowers + a very sweet note [to calm my fears about my surgery next week] from J waiting for me..

I wonder if he realizes he is starting to spoil me?? ;)

I love him so much. Being a Navy wife can be tough.. and I might hate his job deployment with a passion.. but I feel sooo blessed that he chose ME above all other women to be his wife!

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