Friday, September 25, 2009

*UPDATED* {Read update below} I've been under the weather since last Friday. My tonsils are so huge that my neck has been swollen and tender. I went to medical on Tuesday and it was [as usual] a huge waste of time. The doc didn't do anything. Oh.. he did test me for strep but it came back negative. He didn't give me anything to take for it though. I'm not in much pain today but the swelling hasn't gone down much so I'm wondering if I should go back. I've been trying to rest for the past few days but it's not helping much. Any suggestions?? I'm over it and willing to try anything at this point.

I've been in a bitchy grumpy mood lately. It's probably just from me not feeling well, but I've been really frustrated with this deployment lifestyle. It's been 49 days and I miss him more than the day he left... When is it suppose to get easier?

* * *
I went to the E.R. last night. I couldn't take it anymore. The doc gave me antibiotics. He told me to rest as much as I can, drink warm tea, and eat lots of chicken noodle soup. I hope it helps!

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