You Might Be a Military Spouse at Christmas Time If You….

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

  • have a yellow ribbon on your front door instead of a Christmas wreath.
  • plan on keeping your tree up 2 months after Christmas just so you can celebrate with your husband when he returns home.
  • skip holiday parties so you don't have to explain to people why your husband isn't there.
  • drive around town looking at Christmas lights and cry the whole time because you wish your husband was there with you.
  • have to fight the urge to cry every time you are in a store that is playing sad Christmas music (i.e., "Blue Christmas" "I'll Be Home For Christmas" "All I Want For Christmas is You")
  • sit & stare at the beautiful tree in your living room and feel selfish because your husband is in a war zone with only a tiny, cheap fiber optic tree that you mailed him.
  • think getting a 15 minute phone call from your husband is better than any gift under the tree.
  • promise your husband that you won't check the bank statements to see where he ordered your present. ;)

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