Thursday, October 15, 2009

I've been wanting to get a tattoo for over a year now.. but I wasn't 100% sure about what I wanted to get and I didn't want to choose something in the spur of the moment that I might regret later. I have three things I would like to get, and right now I'm trying to decide which one I want the most.

Tatt idea #1: roman numerals

I was actually going to get this last year while J was deployed to Peru. I wanted I-XII-MMVIII, which is our wedding date. It was going to be a surprise but I ended up spilling the beans. He thought it was a cool idea so he asked me to wait until he came home so he could go with me.. but we never went because we were low on $$ by the time he came home. I still want to get it but now I'm not sure where I want it. I can't decide between my lower back or my wrist.

Tatt idea #2: small heart

Simple but cute!

Tatt idea #3: scroll design thingy? HA! I have no idea what you would call it!

I really like this! I think it's very feminine. I wouldn't mind something similar on my foot (since I always wear flip flops) but maybe not as big. I like this one too...

So what do y'all think?
What kind of tattoos do you have?
Do you regret getting it??

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