Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Becky at My Life, From {Army} Brat to Wife gave me this blog award:

{Thanks Becky!!}

The rules are that I have to list 5 things that I'm obsessed with and then pass the award on. Soooo.. here we go..

5 Things I'm [currently] Obsessed With:

1. Counting the days til New Moon!! No, I'm not kidding :)

2. Febreze limited edition Cranberries & Frost Fabric Refresher. I bought some a few weeks ago and I have been using it EVERY DAY. It smells that good! I'm planning to stock up on it soon since it's limited edition.

3. Campbell's Select Harvest soups. I'm normally not a big fan of soup, but these are sooo yummy.

4. Imogen Heap. She has an amazing voice. (My favorite songs are "Not Now, But Soon" "Just For Now" and "Come Here Boy")

5. FlashForward. Have you been watching it?? I think it's awesome.

& Now I give this award to...
all of my fabulous followers! :)

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