Late Night Randomness

Thursday, October 4, 2012

  • I don't blog as much as I want to. But let's be real.. when I finally get a moment to myself all I want to do is sleep, read a book, or watch mindless TV. I'm sure moms everywhere can relate.
  • My son is 20 months old, and I'm just starting to feel like my old self again. I really struggled for a while with a little bit of postpartum depression. (First time I've admitted that to anyone other than my husband or doctor.) Mix that in with the stress of my son being diagnosed with a rare genetic disease, and well.. I was a big mess. I felt overwhelmed ALL THE TIME. Like, can't breathe just want to cry and panic all the time. I've been taking it day by day, and it feels like it is getting easier/better. Exercise has been a BIG big big help, too.
  • I want to learn something new and something totally not me. Something outdoorsy.. like fly fishing.. or archery. (How is that for random? Ha.)
  • Books have become my new best friend lately. I just finished this book, and I loved it! I hate that I have to wait until next year for the next book in the series though!
  • Okay.. it's time for me to admit something. I don't want to move away from Washington. Yep, I said it! We have been here for two years, and now.. I love it. I bet you never thought I would say that, huh? Me either! And Jer feels the same way about wanting to stay. Definitely not this city, but definitely in Washington.
  • Do y'all watch Rev.enge or Rev.Oultion?? SO so SO good! Oh, and {not so} funny story about the first episode or Rev.Oultion--Sometimes (ok, alot of times)I tend to over think things and freak myself out.. Well.. I did that while watching the 1st few minutes.. It made me think about what would happen to us if the world really did black out, and I cried my eyes out! How would we get Joel's medicine?!? How would we survive??? I'm sure Jer thought I was a nut case but he never said it out loud he just hugged me and said everything would be okay. haha
  • I've been trying new recipes lately thanks to Pinterest. Tonight I made ranch chicken, and it was sooo yummy!
  • We had a really fun summer. It included a trip to Mississippi {sans Jer}, plus a trip to MA and Ohio! I have a post about it coming soon. You know.. in about three months. haha :-) 
  • I'm going to hate myself in the morning for staying up this late. Ahhh. Must go to bed!
  • Goodnight world!
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