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Saturday, December 19, 2009

I didn't participate in the blog carnival yesterday because I was having one of "those" days. I doubt I will participate in it today either. Sorry to those of you that are following along with it.. I'm planning to join back in on the fun tomorrow though.

I have a ton of stuff I should be doing right now but instead I'm sitting here on the couch in my pajamas.. listening to some tunes from John M@yer (his new CD is at the top of my Christmas list), and wishing I had white chocolate + almond ice cream. It's my cure for the blues I suppose. Today it's not working as well as it usually does though... Maybe it's just PMS, but all I feel like doing is crying. It's making me feel weak. I hate that. I hate how deployment (and PMS.. ha) makes me feel crazy--one day I'm fine/feeling stronger than ever and then the next day I'm a huge mess.

Oh, and the stress of a possible extension and our upcoming PCS is not helping my mood much either. I went to an FRG meeting/holiday party at the beginning of the week and a chief talked to us about the extension. He couldn't give us many details but he told us they are preparing just in case it gets approved and we should do the same. They are hoping to have an official yes or no sometime next week. I thought I was handling it well until I went to that meeting. It became real to me I guess. =\

Have I ever mentioned that I stress way too much?? I guess it's obvious huh? J is constantly telling me to just relax because everything will work out in the end.. even if it doesn't happen [perfectly] the way I want, we will manage/survive.. we always do. He has a point, but usually when someone tells me not to stress I just stress more! haha

Okay, I feel better since I was able to vent. Sorry if this blog was all over the place though! It's now time for me to pick myself up and get going.. I'm still not finished with my Christmas shopping! Eeek!

* P.S. -- If you're looking for a great new blog to read, check out Semper Fi: Life of a USMC Girlfriend! I've really enjoyed reading her posts. Sometimes I feel like I'm reading my own journal because I can relate to so much that she shares.

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