Genetic Testing Results

Monday, January 21, 2013

In December we received the results for our genetic testing. Joel's testing showed an alteration in the TSC1 gene.. Our testing of the TSC1 gene showed that neither of us have the same alteration found in Joel. So this means that his likely occurred as accident in the sperm or egg cell prior to conception. It also means that our chances of having another pregnancy affected with the same condition is very low. Since we already have one child with TSC the doctors said they can't tell us that our chances are zero.. But they did say our chances are a lot lower than if either of us would have had the same gene alteration. (It would be almost a 100% guarantee if either of us did have the alteration in our gene.) There is prenatal and preconception testing available to detect the alteration if we decide to have more children, but.. there is a chance of miscarriage with the testing.


We would love to be blessed with another baby one day but we're not sure we will have the prenatal testing. Obviously it could possibly give us peace of mind, but either way the results of the prenatal testing wouldn't change anything. We would never terminate the pregnancy if the results came back "abnormal." That's just not an option for us.

Oh, and I would like to clear up one more thing. Everyone we know has asked if Joel having TS is a side effect from the infertility treatment I took. The answer is no. This has nothing to do with that. That was actually one of the first questions we asked when we were told there were tumors on Joel's brain. We have asked other doctors since and they all gave us the same answer--no.

5 Year Anniversary

Our five year anniversary was on the 12th, and Jeremy surprised me by taking us ice skating!

Jeremy and Joel were ice skating pros! I on the other hand didn't stray too far from the rail. HA!

We had a blast!
 & I thought it was very creative of Jer to think of something that we could enjoy as a family.

Big Changes and New Adventures

Saturday, January 19, 2013

After months of discussion we have decided that it will be in the best interest of our family for Jer to leave active duty. This has not been an easy decision for us. We have gone back and forth for months about whether he should stay in or get out. We want to do what is best for Joel, and we believe that [for right now] this is the best choice. He is still planning to stay in the military, but just as a reservist.

Right now our plan is to move to Ohio, near family. I will be honest.. I'm not thrilled about moving there.. but Ohio has the best TSC doctors for Joel and that's worth it all. Plus, we desperately need the support system that being near family will offer. Once (maybe twice) a month date nights? Um.. YES, PLEASE. Our marriage could definitely benefit from that!

This will be a new adventure for our little family. We are excited! and omg, stressed!! The stress is mostly about Jer finding a new job, though. Because you know.. that's REALLY REALLY REALLY important! Other than that we are excited! haha!

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