Follow-Up EEG Results

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

{On the ferry headed to the big city}
Yesterday Joel had a follow-up EEG + a clinic appointment to see the neurologist. The EEG went well. The worst part of the whole thing is having to keep him still while the tech places everything on his little head. He usually cries big big tears during that process which breaks my heart & makes me want to cry with him! But after everything is placed on his head I am able to hold him and he ususally falls asleep right away. (We have to keep him awake two hours prior to make sure he will be sleepy for the test. If he moves around during the test they won't be able to get a good reading.)

The neurologist said the EEG showed discharges, but that is an improvement. Dr. R, the neurologist, said the discharges are basically like small sparks in ash after a wild fire. (Does that make sense?) So unfortunately he is still at risk of having more seizures.. but the good news is that the medicine is working! In fact, Joel has been seizure free for almost three months!!!

{Waiting for lunch at J0hnny R0ckets}
We finally have appointments for the tests to check his heart, kidneys, and eyes. Please keep praying!

First Halloween

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our little monkey :)
We stayed home on Halloween and handed out candy to trick-or-treaters. It was fun! Joel liked going to the door to see all the kids dressed up. He also had fun trying to get the candy bowl that I had set up by the front door. ;)

We had Fall photos taken a few weeks back, and were able to get a couple of Joel in his monkey costume. He was so cute!

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