Pumpkin Patch

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The day we decided to check out a local pumpkin patch turned out to be the hottest day in October. It also happened to be the one day that everyone + their grandma had the same idea we did and decided to go to the pumpkin patch with their kids. The whole place was crowded and didn't offer much for young kids to do. The very few things that were available for Joel's age had hour long wait lines. (I wish I was kidding.) I wish I could say we had a blast but that would be a lie.. and I'm all about keeping it real on here.. so honestly.. it was a drag. We did manage to knock enough people down so we could hop on a hayride though. The hayride was the only way to and from the actual pumpkin patch where you could pick a pumpkin. Seeing this little cutie's smile on the hayride and then when he saw all the pumpkins was totally worth the long hot wait we had to suffer through.

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