Shaking It For Luke

Friday, October 11, 2013

My childhood friend Jessica is currently living in Southern Ohio for college. (She graduates in December with her bachelor's degree! I'm so proud of her!) Last month she bought us tickets to a Luke Bryan concert to celebrate my 27th birthday. She drove up to stay the night and we went to the show. It was a much needed girls night out! Mr. Bryan put on an awesome show, and we had a blast!

before the show
I never drink. Seriously, never.
I had a really stressful week leading up to the concert though,
so I decided to have just one drink to relax.
Jessica sent my husband this pic of me and his reply was "holy crap she's going to get hammered!" HA!
I'd say that one drink worked like a charm.. haha!

The highlight of my night: I asked a beer cart worker where the closest restroom was and he points behind him to a long line of people waiting, and then he points to the right of us and proceeds to tell me that most people usually just go in the bushes.. my eyes got super wide and then he told me "..but you seem a little classier than that." My reply.. "yes, sir.. you are correct." And then I stood in line for what seemed like an eternity. I made lots of friends in the line though, so that was fun.. HA!

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