Support Group & Denial

Monday, October 17, 2011

It's amazing how God works!

The other night while I was catching up on blogs I somehow ended up reading through the old 'Show Us Your Life' topics at Kelly's Korner. I clicked on the SUYL - Special Needs Families link, and as I was scrolling through I spotted something about TS.

Long story short - thanks to Kelly's Korner/SUYL I found Brittany from Grey is the New Black. (Brittany has a 3 year old son with TS.) And thanks to Brittany I have found a wonderful support group for TS mommies.
. . .

I couldn't wait to share with J about how I found a support group + other information on TS. I was rambling on and on about everything, waiting for some sort of response from him, but he just sat there.. quiet.

He isn't ready to discuss those things just yet. He thinks he might be a tad bit in denial. &Honestly.. I've had moments where I have felt that way too. I guess it's because Joel hasn't had seizures in weeks *PRAISE THE LORD!*, and he seems to be developing right on track. Plus I think it's because we didn't actually see the MRI results with our own eyes. Maybe that would have made it more "real" to us..

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