Decorating Funk

Sunday, January 9, 2011

By now most pregnant women have the nursery completed...


Not me.

I feel like I'm in huge a decorating funk, y'all!

Before I became pregnant I had tons of ideas and knew exactly how I wanted to decorate the nurseries for our future babies. All that seemed to go completely out the window when I finally became pregnant, though! I have no idea why but I really struggled when it came to choosing a theme & what not.

If you remember I decided on a Curious George theme. I was excited that I was finally able to make up my mind and I couldn't wait to start decorating! Well... all that excitement has faded once again. I feel like I'm having a huge creative brain fart because I have no idea how to decorate the room! So far I just have the bedding. There is nothing on his walls and it looks dull. I hate it. But I have no idea what to buy or where to even look.

To make it worse we can't paint the walls. So we're stuck with the lovely government issued white. It's just.. BLAH.

I'm seriously considering writing to one of those home makeover shows to see if they will feel sorry for me help me. haha

Or... if y'all have any tips please share! Especially if you have ever lived in military housing--please share your tips on how you made it look homey and colorful! Because I really struggle with it!

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