Prego Update

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

As far as I know everything with the pregnancy has been going well. I've been feeling fine but I still haven't been able to see a doctor. I have an appointment next week but it's just to see a nurse to go over my medical history. Who knows when I will see a doctor for an exam! Oh, but I was able to set up an ultrasound.. I will be almost 11 weeks by the time I have it done. Having your first ultrasound that late doesn't seem normal to me, but what can I do?

Like I said though, I've been feeling fine so I'm trying not to worry too much. (Do I even need to tell y'all that I'm paranoid about everything especially since I haven't seen a doc to make sure everything is alright..??) I've only had morning sickness twice. (It wasn't fun in case you were wondering.) I've mostly just been super SUPER tired. I usually don't want to do anything but lay around which makes me feel like a lazy bum.. and I've been super emotional so I usually cry to J and apologize a million times for feeling so lazy. J has been amazing though. He constantly reassures me that it's ok and that I have every right to lay around all day because I'm makin' a baby. :)

My cravings have already started.. I've been craving tons of veggies, fruits, Cap'n Crunch cereal, and potato soup. Certain things I use to love (like french fries) I can now barely eat, and I usually have to force myself to eat meats.

I can't wait to start showing.. Right now I just feel and look fat & bloated. When did y'all start to show??

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