July Fun

Thursday, August 1, 2013

July was filled with lots of fun for us. We played outside (or "zoutzide" as Joel calls it) almost every day. We also went to a water park, the county fair, and a zoo.

Jeremy took a day off from work so we could go to the water park. We thought we would be avoiding huge crowds, but apparently everyone & their mama in Ohio had the same idea! It was packed full of people. We had a blast though! The kid area is huge and we were able to go on it with Joel. We also brought him into the wave pool (with a life jacket on of course!) and he LOVED it. We definitely want to go back soon.
Jeremy's mom went with us to the county fair. She took Jer and his brothers every year when they were growing up, and according to her it hasn't changed since she was a little girl. I think it will become a tradition for our little family too because Joel loved seeing the farm animals and the tractors. He also loved the pony ride.. and y'all, he was a pro at it! It made his Southern mama proud! :-)

The Cleveland Zoo involved lots of walking. Seriously, the place is SO spread out. Joel's expressions when he saw the animals were totally worth it though! I think his favorite things that day were the wolves, the dinosaurs, and riding a camel with mama.

* Proof that we are a normal family and we won't always get "perfect" pictures! *
 * Fun playing "zoutzide" *

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