What I'm Learning: Forgiveness

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I struggled for a long time with forgiveness. I'm not talking just a few days or even months.. it's been a struggle for years. I know I haven't shared much about my past on here (mostly because I don't know where to start) but there were certain people from my past that I just could not and would not ever forgive. I mean, hello.. why should I when they were the ones that hurt me? Right??


The moment it all changed for me was when I read a verse that said we are to forgive just like the Lord forgave us. That verse hit me like a ton of bricks!

If you only knew all the things I have done wrong and all the times I have turned my back on the Lord.. and yet, He forgives me! He is ALWAYS there, ready to love me even though I have broken His heart a million times.

I started praying that God would bless the people I had bitterness in my heart towards. It wasn't easy at first. At all. But over time I have felt my heavy, bitter heart becoming lighter and less hurt. When something reminded me of them I would think of happy memories instead of the ones that caused anger and resentment in my heart. Instead of cursing those people, I have found myself praying blessings for them and their loved ones.

I have also been praying for anyone that I may have bitterness in their heart towards me.. I hope they can forgive me for hurting them. Sometimes it's easy to forget we can hurt others.

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