Sunday, April 21, 2013

We arrived in Ohio on the 13th. Our trip went better than we expected (meaning, Joel did not cry for hours during our long car rides). We weren't able to see a few things we had planned (the tulip festival and the Mall of America) which was a bummer, but we survived and made it here safely--and that's all that matters!

We have been going nonstop since we arrived.. Between seeing family, house hunting, and doctor appointments (will post about that soon), we feel like we haven't had a chance to relax. We are ready to be in our own house and have our normal routine back!

Speaking of houses... We put an offer on a house a few days ago but the sellers decided to accept an offer from someone else. We weren't too upset about it.. It obviously wasn't meant to be ours. + We were able to find a house that is exactly like the first one (it's just in a different neighborhood and it doesn't have a finished basement) and we put an offer on it yesterday. We are still waiting to hear if the sellers will accept our offer! We should hear something tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

Jeremy starts his new job tomorrow morning! He was able to meet everyone last week, and he thinks he will like working there. I'm really excited for him! I know he has been wanting to do this for a very long time.

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