Hello Sunshine (Parks & The Zoo)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Proof that Spring is around the corner: the sun has actually been shining in the Pacific Northwest! It's still cold but we don't even care. We have been taking advantage of the sunny days every chance we get! We love to explore different parks/playgrounds in our area. Joel always has a blast. He would stay outside all day long if we let him, so we definitely need to find a house in Ohio that has a big yard!
Our monkey--always climbing! He is brave but his mama is usually a nervous wreck! HA!

. . .
Today we went to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. Joel and I have been to the PD Zoo once before with my friend & her little girl, but Jeremy has never been [other than today]. The last time I brought Joel he was only a year old.. It was fun to see how he reacted differently to everything this time. He seemed to be more aware of the animals today which was fun. I think he really enjoyed the aquarium because he made us walk around it three times. :-) It was exciting for us to see him point at the fish and then actually say the word "fish!' {Joel has speech delays caused by tuberous sclerosis complex.} He also liked seeing the elephants and the tigers.

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