Good News & The Hunt is On

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jeremy got a job!! He received the job offer at the beginning of the month and of course accepted! He had a few companies interested in him but most couldn't/didn't want to do anything until we were in Ohio. We were starting to freak out a little bit, but thankfully a company came along and was willing to do a few phone interviews and then set up a face-to-face interview at a local job site here in WA. They formally offered him a job after the face-to-face interview. We were so relieved and excited!!

Now that Jeremy has a job waiting for him in Ohio we can begin house hunting! Yay!! ..and nay! We are excited that we will be able to buy a house but so far we haven't seen anything [online] that has really caught our attention. We're hoping we will be able to find something once we get to Ohio in just a few weeks! (Ahh!) We have considered just building a new home but that could take 6+ months and we would rather not wait that long. We will be staying with a relative until we find a place, so we're hoping and praying the whole process of finding and buying is as quick as possible.

In the meantime we are having fun daydreaming about our future home! We have never been able to paint any of our homes the colors we want because we have always rented/lived in military housing, so that's obviously at the top of our list! Browsing all the ideas on Pinterest has been lots of fun lately! I think I might do a post every day of ideas I have for our future home.. do it room by room.. Sounds fun, yeah?  :-)

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