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Friday, June 24, 2011

I know, I know.. I've been a horrible blogger lately. I have a good excuse though!
This little man takes up all of my time these days. :)

The only time I'm ever online anymore is when I'm nursing the baby. I use J's ipod to check my email and read a few blogs, but I never have time to actually sit down and write type a whole post. In fact, the only "me" time I ever get is when I'm taking a shower, pooping going potty, or if I stay up past my bedtime. {Yes, I have a bedtime now or else I will be a zombie when Joel wakes up at 7 AM wanting to play.}

I read a bunch of mommy blogs and I often wonder how some of those ladies do everything that they do. You know which ones I'm talking about--the ones that manage to keep their house spotless, cook dinner for their husband every night, take care of their babies, and somehow find enough time in their day to style their hair and get dressed in the latest fashions. They need to share their secrets because right now I'm convinced they are either really good liars story tellers or just aliens!

My days are filled with diaper changes, nursing, and doing my best to entertain a four month old playtime. It doesn't sound like much when you read it but don't be fooled.. it's a 24/7 job, and I'm lucky if I get a 20 minute break. As far as keeping up with housework--HA! I usually have to clean up the house first thing in the morning or else I won't have the energy to do it later in the day. Oh and forget trying to look cute for my husband! I'm doing good just to have clean hair and a clean shirt!

So anyway my point is -- until I learn the secret from those super [alien] momma's or can afford to hire a personal assistant, I will try to blog as often as I can!

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