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Sunday, May 22, 2011

We are back from our trip! We spent two weeks in the South visiting my family and then two weeks in the North visiting J's family. &I'm happy to report that I finally conquered my fear of flying on an airplane! {Please note that it wasn't my choice though. HAHA} The first flight I was super nervous.. every little sound freaked me out, and I'm pretty sure I squeezed J's hand harder on that flight than I did during child birth! I eventually relaxed around the 3rd or 4th flight though, and I now consider myself a travel pro when it comes to flying. Okay maybe not a pro.. but after six flights with an infant I think I at least deserve a tall glass of something that contains lots of alcohol pat on the back! HA Speaking of Joel.. he did AWESOME on each flight. We had lots of people comment on how great he did. We were both VERY thankful that we weren't the couple with the screaming baby that everyone wants to throw off the plane. HA

Joel was a little fussy during our first week in the South but we were expecting it since he wasn't use to being around a bunch of people. He eventually warmed up to it and by the time we got to the North he was loving being spoiled all the attention. :) Unfortunately all that attention got him sick though. Well, actually.. he is sick from people touching his face and hands (that he loves to put in his mouth) with their dirty hands. Seriously, why do people insist on doing that? It drives me nuts. I even caught someone (I barely knew) sticking their finger in his mouth! Ugh. I guess I need to make a sign to put around his neck that says "LOOK, BUT DON'T TOUCH," you know since J won't let me put Wee-Bee in a bubble. ;)

Pictures from our trip are coming soon! Promise!

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