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Thursday, January 27, 2011

On Monday I had a false alarm.. We went to the hospital but after a couple hours they determined that I wasn't in labor. It was actually a huge relief because my doctor has been out of town this week and I don't want to deliver with anyone else! We've been crossing our fingers all week and hoping little man can wait just a few more days if he decides to come early.

The braxton hicks and pressure have been coming more often and are starting to get a tiny bit more painful. Some days it feels like my stomach just stays hard all day from the braxton hicks. It's very uncomfortable. So lately I've been staying around the house trying to rest as much as possible. Not that I can do much anyway.. lugging this big belly around is not easy these days! And honestly, I'm at the point where I'm terrified to go anywhere because I don't want to be in public and have my water break! I can just picture it happening to me in W@lly World or something!! haha 

My next appointment is in a few days and I can't wait to find out if we've made any progress since the 19th when I was 1 cm. I'm also anxious to find out if baby boy has grown bigger! 

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