A Baby Changes Everything - Part 2

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Growing up I was never shown an example of a Godly marriage. Instead I saw things that made me believe no one could be trusted and all marriages would eventually lead to heartache. I was terrified that the things I saw would someday happen to me so I vowed to never trust anyone 100%, that way when/if things came crumbling down I wouldn't be surprised or wounded.

Before J and I got married we went to premarital counseling and I was able to open up about those fears. The chaplain and his wife prayed with us after every session, and over the course of those few weeks God began to heal my heart and give me peace. I was finally able to see marriage as the beautiful gift that it was!

When I became pregnant all those fears came back to haunt me though. Mostly because all of the marriages I had been around to seemed to go downhill once children were brought into the picture. So while most women at this stage in their pregnancy are worried about labor pains or if they will be a good mother, I've mostly been terrified about how our marriage might change once we bring our baby home.

I've already mentioned that we're still learning to adjust to this shore duty routine.. so add that plus a new baby and yeah, I'm nervous. (Wouldn't you be?)

J has a bunch of leave saved up so he has decided to take a whole month off of work after Joel is born. I think it will be good for us. It will give us time to adjust and bond together as a family. And I'm praying it will help ease my fears.

* What are some things you worried about while you were pregnant? Other than labor pains or being a good mother..

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