Hard Work But Completely Worth It!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thank you for the comments on my last post. I especially loved what Anonymous said.. "Anything worth having is worth working hard to keep." I completely agree, and I think most military couples would also!

I knew before I became J's wife that being married to him would sometimes be hard work because of his job in the military. I knew we would have to work a lot harder on our relationship than most [civilian] couples since he would be gone for 8 to 9 months out of every year. We actually learned how hard it would be shortly after we met and began dating because J had to deploy to Iraq for half the year.. It wasn't easy being apart from each other that early in our relationship but it only made us work harder and made us realize we truly loved one another!

Every deployment brought a new set of obstacles for us and there were some moments where we both thought we would never survive but we always made it through and became stronger because of it. Homeports were no different. Once the novelty of him being home wore off and reality hit us on the head we always had to adjust to living together once again. For him it was difficult to go from being in a war zone to being "safe" at home.. and for me it was difficult to go from living alone to suddenly having someone around all the time. Shore duty has brought a new set of challenges that we're not use to, like learning new ways to keep our love tanks filled. In the past we've been so use to depending on phone calls, letters, or care packages to express our love for one another. Now that he is home we feel we don't have to do those things anymore. So most of our struggle is learning how to keep ourselves from becoming a boring couple that thinks spending quality time together is sitting on the couch next to each other in silence while he plays video games and I stare at a computer screen the fire from burning out.

I know we will get through this though because we've made it through worse! :)

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