Baby Update! 30 Weeks

Friday, December 3, 2010

30 weeks & 1 day!
I'm definitely at the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. I'm still having problems sleeping which has been made worse lately because of knee and back pain. I feel like I toss and turn a million times at night but I can never get comfortable. There have been a few nights where I've been so tired and miserable that I've cried because I had a moment of "it's not fair.." when I looked over and saw J sleeping so peacefully. (Please tell me I'm not the only pregnant wife that has ever felt that way!) I've also been feeling super emotional because I can no longer wear my wedding ring since my fingers are so swollen. I know it's just a ring but it has special meaning! =\

Last month I had the one hour glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. It was NOT fun at all. The (orange flavored) glucola was difficult for me to drink. I gagged the whole time I was trying to drink it because it was thick which reminded me of cough syrup. It was gross. So needless to say I wasn't thrilled when the test result came back high and was told I had to do the three hour test with fasting. Surprisingly during the three hour test I was able to drink the (fruit punch flavored) glucola faster and with no problems. Everything was fine until the end of the first hour... I started to feel dizzy so they let me lay down for the rest of the test. My test came back normal though which was a huge relief!

I am going to the OB every two weeks now which is very exciting! I had a checkup today and my doc said everything is normal & right on track. Joel is in the head down position which explains why my ribs have been hurting--his feet have been kicking them. It also explains what the round bump I feel just above my belly button is--his booty! ;) She also said we should start seriously preparing for the arrival of our precious baby boy because he could come VERY soon. As in 7 weeks soon!! Hearing those words was exciting and scary! We still have a bunch of stuff we need to get so now I'm really stressing!! Ahhh! *deep breath*  :)

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