Monday, November 8, 2010

The weekend before and of Halloween were nuts for us! J participated in his command's annual haunted house and I helped with the child care (thanks to my sweet husband volunteering me..) so we spent all of our time at "the unit." It was nice to get out of the house and meet new people, but it was exhausting and we're both glad it's over!

Like I mentioned in my previous post I'm not a big fan of Halloween, so I tried my best to stay as far away as possible from the haunted house area. It honestly boggles my mind why people would pay money to have someone scare them! &Oh yes, they were definitely scaring people! They had to tone down kids hour because they had so many kids freaking out (and that's another thing.. why would you bring your child to something that could possibly give them nightmares???!).. one lady peed her pants.. a kid passed out.. tons of people would run to their cars after exiting, and one girl even fell on her face because she couldn't get away fast enough!  
J dressed up in his room, the chop shop.
So gross.. and this is a toned down picture btw..
Helping with the child care was.. um.. interesting. The person that was "in charge" was a joke. She either sat on her butt the whole time barking orders to the other volunteers or would find an excuse to leave and stay gone for an hour. So unfortunately most of the ladies that helped the first weekend didn't show up for the second. A few didn't even show up the second night! It was chaos and at times a bit too much for this prego to handle. Another thing that really sucked was people were told not to bring sick kids and they did anyway. I tried my best to keep a distance from them but it wasn't easy.. and of course.. I ended up sick. I woke up Halloween morning and felt HORRIBLE. I stayed home that night and tried to rest but the next day I felt worse, and it continued for a full week. If it taught me anything it's that I definitely want to get the flu shot the next time I go to the doctor!! I wasn't too sure about getting the shot but now I can't & don't want to imagine how horrible having the flu would be while pregnant! Trust me, having a cold was bad enough!!

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