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Monday, August 9, 2010

I am old.

Last night I was texting a friend and towards the end of one of her texts she included "XP." I ignored it at first, thinking maybe she just had a typo.. then she used "XD". At that point I felt completely clueless so I read the texts to J and asked him if it was a code or an abbreviation for something, but he couldn't figure it out either.

Earlier today I was on Faceb0ok and read a status from the same friend that I was texting last night.. and once again she used "XP." So I did what anyone would do.. I googled it. My search brought me to the site Urban Dictionary, and I soon learned that XP and XD are emoticons. Apparently XD is the hip new thing to use instead of "LOL." It means laughing with your eyes shut. & XP means tongue out, eyes shut.

Honestly I have never felt so old. I mean, whatever happened to the basic smileys that everyone used when the Internet and texting first became popular?? (Ok... the fact that I even remember the days before Internet and texting really makes me feel SUPER old....!!)


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