Doggy Wars

Sunday, August 29, 2010

You know that "love thy neighbor" thing? Well our neighbors make that very difficult for us....

Somehow we always get super lucky and move next to people that never clean up after their dogs. I could care less what they let their dogs do in their yard, but it really starts to annoy me when they let their dogs take huge dumps in our yard and don't clean it up. It's disgusting and rude.. especially when they let one of their dogs go #2 right by our patio door, and my husband steps in it because they were too lazy to pick it up!

When we first moved in here we were told that everyone has to pick up after their pets, pets are not allowed to be outside without a leash, and there is a limit of 2 animals per household. Well those rules apparently don't apply to our neighbors! Besides never picking up after their dogs, we never see them take their THREE dogs outside on leashes. The wife usually just stands on their patio and screams at the dogs to come back. My morning wake up call is usually her screaming at 8 AM.

We've already called the housing office on them once but it obviously didn't help. It's really frustrating because we went through something similar at our old house (on the Gulf Coast). Our neighbors would let their dogs poop all over our front yard, sometimes in the flower beds right next to the front door, and they would never clean it up. I think I called housing 10 times on those people but it never helped. A few months before we moved I reached my boiling point so I decided to clean up all the poop out of our front yard and put it in a big pile in their yard. I made sure I sprayed it down with the water hose to make a big mess. J couldn't believe I did it.. but I did. I was over it, and I figured I was being nice by only putting it back in their yard because what I really wanted to do was put it on their front door step. =X

Hopefully it won't get to that point here but grrrrrrr... It makes us look bad, like we don't clean up after our dog!

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