Birthday Wish List

Friday, August 27, 2010

My birthday is next Friday so I thought it would be fun to make a wish list!

SJP NYC perfume

I have been wanting this perfume before it was even sold in stores! I first smelled it in a magazine and instantly fell in love with it! It has a fruity floral scent that is amazzzzing!

Kate Spade handbag

I've been carrying the same Coach bag for almost 3 years now so I think it's time for something new, don't you? & Seriously, who doesn't love Kate Spade?

Willow Tree figurine

My mom started my obsession with these figurines. She has given me two so far and I have been wanting to collect all of them ever since!

Tri-fold card holder / keyfob from Cassy Lain Totes

Kimberly @ Kimberly's Korner posted about this "Grab and Go" loveliness after she won it in a giveaway. I've decided I just HAVE to own one because it would come in handy when I need to make a quick trip to the store and I don't feel like bringing my purse. It would also come in handy when I'm driving through the base gate and I'm struggling to get my military ID out of my huge purse/wallet.

Anthropologie's Sweetest Hive Earrings

I have been wanting this beauties for a long long long time. Sadly I think they are no longer being sold though. :(
I would also like these earrings from Anthropologie..

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