Glamorous?? Not So Much..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I honestly feel like I'm in a huge rut. This pregnancy has been sucking me dry of all my energy, and I'm worried my husband is secretly disgusted by me right now. J constantly reassures me that I'm beautiful and his feelings for me have not changed, but I still worry that he will get sick of seeing his wife laying around looking a mess in her pajamas all day. (In my head I make up for it because I atleast shave my legs and shower every night. Sad, I know.) Call me naive but I always pictured myself being this joyful, glamorous pregnant woman... and right now I just feel blah & disgusting. *Please tell me I'm not the only pregnant woman that has experienced this??* I see other pregnant women that look amazing and are all put together, and it only makes me feel worse. What am I doing wrong?? What is their secret??

P.S. - I promise once I start feeling better I will post more often and leave more comments on your blogs.

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