Thursday, March 25, 2010

[I'm so glad I'm not alone on the sweatpants and t'shirt thing! & It's true, spending an extra 5-10 minutes to dress yourself up definitely makes you feel better about yourself.]

Today I was checking out a forum and I saw a discussion where a lady asked how many towels people used at a time. Most of the people that replied said they only use one towel at a time.. and they also mentioned reusing their towels.. some said they go a week, sometimes two, before using a new one.. and some even mentioned using the same towel as their spouse & kids.

I'm sorry, but that really grosses me out! (No offense to anyone that does this.)

I personally like a fresh towel after every shower and I can't imagine sharing the same towel for a week with my husband. Yes I understand that when you get out of a shower you are clean, but sharing a towel with your whole family doesn't seem very hygienic to me.. and why would I want to use a towel that my husband possibly used to dry his butt? I understand people want to save water and laundry detergent.. and I could probably deal with using one towel for two days (maybe even 3) but I just can't see me sharing a towel with everyone in my household.. especially for up to a week..

What about you?

(& once again, no offense. I'm not trying to bash anyone that does this. This is just my personal opinion.)

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