My Weekend

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Friday night my dad called and said my great grandmother is doing better. She's still not out of the woods, but she's at least able to sit up in bed now.. which is a big improvement from how she was doing. {Thanks for your prayers by the way!} I'm still hoping I will be able to see her soon.

Yesterday afternoon I attended my first homecoming committee meeting. It went great. I'm glad I signed up for it because I was able to meet four new [super nice] ladies. Towards the end of the meeting we all vented about this deployment/extension and I think it made all of us feel better! It really helps to be around other people that know EXACTLY what you're going through.

{Oh! If you can think of any cute quotes/sayings that we can put on welcome home signs let me know! We're going with a Spring theme..}

On the 22nd my niece (who we call "Cissy") turned 16, and last night was her big party. She had a Twil!ght party--complete with Edward/Robert P@ttinson on her cake. I wish I had pictures but I forgot my camera at home. :( I can't believe she is already 16 though. It's crazy! On her actual birthday I gave her the movie Sixteen C@ndles.. she had never seen it before! That made me feel SO old! haha

Today I've been super lazy. My nephew stayed the night and we've been playing Sonic on the PS2 all day. I'm not very good at it and he usually yells at me for it. haha I'm going to miss special moments like this when I move. :(

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