Saturday, August 2, 2014

I was beyond nervous about Joel having to take a summer break from preschool. In the past we have seen regression in his development during long breaks from therapies. Thankfully we have seen the opposite during this break! Our little guy has been making SO much progress! The most exciting thing.. he is talking in sentences now!! 

Oh, and yesterday we attended his LAST speech therapy session! It's a huge accomplishment for our sweet boy!! We are praying he will continue to progress.

Ending speech is beyond exciting and it also takes a little weight off my shoulders... We recently started feeding therapy once a week and it's almost an hour away. I was stressing about how I was going to juggle speech and feeding therapy around the preschool schedule, all while trying to adjust to having a newborn.

Progress with feeding therapy has been slow but we are praying it will help us figure out whether Joel's lack of eating is from his medicine or not. As of right now we are leaning towards switching his meds sooner rather than later (due to the lack of eating and because we are worried he might be having seizures at night while sleeping)... Please keep praying about this issue for us. We need wisdom to know what we should do.

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