Easter 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

On Saturday, the day before Easter, we took Joel to an egg hunt. We arrived just as the announcer was starting the count down for the kids to run. There were a ton of people so Jeremy had to pick Joel up and try to run past the crowd. The huge crowd seemed to be a overwhelming for Joel but he had the biggest smile on his face when he was showing me all the eggs he found after the hunt.

Saturday night we let Joel dye Easter eggs for the first time ever. I had a mom fail; I forgot to buy vinegar so the only colors that came out were the pink and blue. Thankfully Joel didn't mind too much.. He still thought it was fun!

Joel was a little spoiled this Easter. On top of the goodies he got from the Easter Bunny, he also received stuff in the mail from Grammie (my mom), Great Aunt Cheryl, + Pawpaw & Granny (my dad and stepmom). Grandma (Jer's mom) also had a basket for him and Crystal (Jer's cousin's girlfriend) gave him a bucket full of goodies. He was very excited about each gift, and now he wants to it be Easter every day. He wakes up every morning and asks me if it's Easter still. It's cute.

{Easter morning}
{Egg hunt at Grandma's house}

I'm thankful he has so many people that love him and gave him fun goodies.. but at the end of the day I want him to know the real reason we celebrated Easter. The resurrection of Jesus Christ. It's not easy to explain it to a 3 year old but I still try. Joel LOVES for us to read books to him so the Easter Bunny put a book called "Let's Celebrate Jesus on Easter" in his basket. I already talk about Jesus every day to him and I always pray out loud (throughout the day and before bedtime) so Joel can hear. Sometimes I pray out loud and don't realize he is actually listening until I'm done praying and I hear a sweet voice say "AMEN!"  :-)

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