Free Man & Goodbyes

Monday, April 8, 2013

Jeremy checked out of the Navy this morning. After 8.5 years in the Navy he is a free man again! Woo hoo!! {We are still waiting to find out if he will be able to join the Reserves.}

I can't put into words how proud I am of my husband. He has made countless sacrifices for his country and his family. I know without a doubt he will do great at his next job.

. . .

We said our goodbyes to friends over the weekend. We had a going away dinner at Applebee's ("you can't go to Applebee's alone!" 10 points if you can name that movie) on Friday, Saturday we went to an egg hunt for Jer's command and saw friends there, and Sunday we had dinner with our friends Brent, Stacie and their 3 girls.

Last night was the most emotional for us. Our friends Mark, Sarah, and their daughter Jessica stopped by to say goodbye.. After they left we stood in the kitchen and cried. We are excited for the next chapter but we are really going to miss the friends we made here. We are already making plans to see some of them in the summer though!

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