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Monday, February 21, 2011

There are a few things I wish someone would have told me to expect after giving birth.... Blood clots, for example, would be one of those things. The first time I passed a clot I totally freaked out. It was the size of a golf ball (sorry if that's TMI) and I just knew I was dying. A nurse assured me I was not dying but it was still scary. I knew I would bleed for a while but no one ever warned me I would pass clots. A few days after being home I passed one the size of my palm and, once again, I just knew I was dying. The nurse told me after I passed the first one that the only time I needed to be concerned was if the clot was as big as my palm or bigger, so of course I freaked out! I sat in the bathroom crying my eyes out while my husband called the doctor to make sure he didn't need to rush me to the hospital. Thankfully I wasn't dying and the doctor said it was normal, but it scared me and I really wish someone had told me to be expecting it.

Another thing I wish someone had told me would be that trying to get rest in a hospital is a huge joke. I constantly had nurses coming in the room. The funny part is they would all tell me "try to get some rest" as they walked out the room. J and I laughed every time they would say it because they seriously made it impossible! I honestly can't remember sleeping at the hospital other than during my labor. I'm not even kidding. By the end of the second day I was ready to go home just so I could get away from all the nurses! They drove me nuts!

So, if you are pregnant expect that you may or may not have some blood clots and don't expect to get any rest at the hospital. You're welcome in advance for the warning. :)

Anyway -
The first days home were rough. Lack of sleep due to a baby eating every hour (because I wasn't producing milk yet) + lots of pain from a tough labor = a mommy that cries at random moments throughout the day. Poor J, all he could do was hold me and tell me everything would get better. & He was right.. things are better. Joel is now eating every 3 hours which means we get more sleep, and I'm finally starting to feel better.

J went back to work on Monday.. and I will be honest, I was terrified of being left alone with a new baby. I was worried I wouldn't be able to handle it alone. Things have been going great though. It's not as hard as I was worried it would be. We are sorta on a schedule--Joel usually wakes up around the same time every night to eat and I'm starting to figure out his daily feedings. I usually sleep while he is sleeping and it really helps me.

Now let me just take a moment to say how amazing Joel's daddy is! He helps me every chance he can. He wakes up every time we wake up even if he is dog tired and has to get up a few hours later for work. He takes over when I'm done feeding if he notices that I'm exhausted so I can take a nap. He changes every diaper he can when he is home. He does all that plus so much more! He is my Superman. &He is quickly becoming Joel's best friend. Seriously the kid loves his Daddy and loves to play with him already! It's adorable! Maybe one day I will figure out how to post a video of it..  :)

P.S. ~ I know my blogging has been lacking lately and I apologize. Having Joel has definitely made me realize what is really important in life though, and blogging isn't at the top of that list! (Hopefully I will get a chance to post his 1 month photo before he turns 3 months.. Ha!)

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