The [Not So] Newlywed Game

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A few bloggers did this with their hubby's, and I thought it would be fun to do with J! I gave him a bunch of questions to see how well he knows me.. Let's see how he did! {His answers are in black, mine are in red.}

Q.  I'm sitting in front of the TV, what's on?
A.  A happy reality series, like 19 Kids & Counting.. or a Lifet!me drama.
>  Well, he got the "happy reality series" right.. but there has to be nothing on for me to watch a Lifet!me movie.

Q.  We're out to eat, what kind of salad dressing do I get?
A.  Ranch

Q.  What's one food I don't like?
A.  There's alot. But there is one that really irritates me that you don't like, and that's eggs. It makes it impossible to find any breakfast items for you besides cereal!
>  I have always been a very picky eater, and I have to be starving to eat eggs. I mostly don't like the way eggs smell that's why I don't like to eat them.

Q.  If we're out to eat what do I order to drink?
A.  Anything with no caffeine, so it's usually Mug RB or Sprite.
> Yep

Q.  What size shirt do I wear?
A.  Medium
> That is correct.

Q.  What size shoe?
A.  8
> Also correct.

Q.  What is my favorite kind of sandwich?
A.  Nowadays it's a roast beef with mayo, tomato, lettuce, and cheese on wheat bread. Other than that tuna.
>  He would know because he is usually the making it for me! ha

Q.  What would I eat everyday if I could?
A.  Fried zucchini
>  Since I've been pregnant, yes. Before I was pregnant it was ice cream.

Q.  What is my favorite cereal?
A.  Kix
>  Yep yep

Q.  What is one thing I would never wear?
A.  Anything with polkadots.
>  I don't mind polkadots. Spandex on the other hand I would never ever wear.  

Q.  What is my favorite sports team?
A.  The MS Surge (hockey) and the Saints.
>  Definitely hockey over football any day!

Q.  What is something you wish I wouldn't do?
A.  Oh man let me think about this one! *laughs* What was the question again? I want to answer right. *laughs again* Question my knowledge of every day things.. especially when it comes to the car.
>  Ha! I'm going to leave this one alone! :)

Q.  What kind of cake do I like?
A.  Chocolate
>  I prefer german chocolate over just plain chocolate.

Q.  What could I spend hours doing?
A.  Browsing the Internet.
> Sadly, yes..

Q.  What is one unique talent I have?
A.  You have a high tolerance for extremely misbehaved kids.
>  I never considered that a talent but I guess it could be.. haha

Q.  What is my favorite type of coffee?
A.  You don't drink coffee.
>  Correct. I don't drink anything that contains caffeine.

 Q.  What is my heritage?
A.  150% Irish
>  Yep, and I'm proud of it!! :)

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