When The World Stopped Turning

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's been nine years but I still remember everything like it was yesterday..

I had just sat down at a table in my 9th grade Art class when a student ran in the classroom and told our teacher something was happening in New York and she needed to turn on the TV. I will never forget the panic on my teacher's face as she stared at the TV screen. It was just after the first plane hit and no one had any idea what was really going on, but from the look on our teacher's face we all knew it wasn't good. It didn't take long for the whole room to become silent. We all watched in horror as people jumped from the burning tower.. and then.. the second plane hit.

Most of our classes that day were spent watching the news. I, like everyone else, honestly didn't know what to think. I figured I had nothing to worry about though because my parents weren't rushing to the school to get me. I felt even more at ease when my mom picked me up that afternoon and she didn't really talk about it. But then my dad came home from work and he was glued to the TV all night... I could tell he was seriously concerned and it freaked me out. He tried to ease my fears, but all I remember him telling me was that the events of that day were going to affect my life forever...

And he was right..

Because years later I would marry a man in the military, and most of our marriage would be spent apart due to him deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight in a war that began while we were both in the 9th grade..

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