There's Hope (Even For Us)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yesterday we met with a specialist about my infertility.

I was so anxious before the appointment that I felt shaky. I almost talked myself out of going because I was worried we would be told there's no hope for us. I didn't want to deal with the emotions that would follow hearing those words. A few months before J deployed a doctor told me that my chances of conceiving would be very low due to my hypothyroid disease.. I didn't want to go through that heartache (and depression) again. 

This time was different though. Different doctor. Different opinion. 

Doctor G took us into her office and quickly made us feel relaxed. She asked us a ton of questions and then discussed a game plan. She thinks my thyroid is not the problem.. she thinks I'm just not ovulating. So, we're going to try a few months of Clomid (starting next month) and go from there. 

J and I both feel like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders now that we know there's hope for us! We're both very excited and we're praying the Clomid will work. 

* Will you please join us in prayer that the Clomid will be successful and that I won't have any side effects from it? Thanks! :) 

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