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Sunday, March 7, 2010

 Hi to all the new followers from FF! Thanks for the comments! :) Sorry if I haven't replied or commented on your blog yet.. I've been super busy this weekend, but I'm trying to get back to each one of you as soon as I can. In all honesty I wasn't expecting to receive so many comments and new followers after linking up with Friday Follow.. It's been fun though! :) & I want you to know that I really appreciate every single comment!!

Since some of you are new I thought I would tell you who I am and all that fun stuff! So, here we go..

My name is K. I was born & raised in here the South, but the only time you will hear my Southern accent is if I'm mad. Well, that's what my husband says anyway! Ha. My husband, J, is a Seabee in the United States Navy.. hence, my blog title! :) I created this blog last March when we suppose to PCS (aka, move) to California. It started as a fun and easy way to keep our families &friends updated on our big move, but it quickly became a place for me to vent my fears/frustrations when things changed at the last minute.. Instead of moving to CA we had to stay here in XX, and then J had to go on his 4th deployment (our 3rd together). This deployment hasn't been easy, but by the grace of God it is only making us + our love stronger! J will be home very VERY soon (THANK GOD!!), and then we will be PCSing to XX. {For safety reasons I'm not allowed to discuss homecoming dates, and right now I don't feel comfortable sharing where we will be PCSing to.. so please don't ask.} We're so excited that deployment is almost over, and we're looking forward to the new adventures that will come with moving to XX. I hope you will follow along with us on this crazy military journey! :)

Want to know more about me? Click here.

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